Read Me First


This is still very much an experiment and work in progress.

I have always had a thing for maps and travel. I started a travel journel in 1970 and have recorded most of my travels since then. In the early 2000's I purchased my first GPS and digital camera and have been keeping GPS tracklogs and coordinates for photos since that time.

This an attempt to display some of those tracklogs and photos on a Google map.

  • Select a trip from the menu at the top. Travel before the early 2000's has campground/lodging info only.
  • Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out (or use the map control).
  • Obviously click and drag the map as needed.
  • The tracklog precision increases as you zoom in.
  • The trackogs start and stop some distance from my home to protect my privacy. Also none of the people in the photos are identified for the same reason.
  • The different colors for the tracklog segments represent different days.
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