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Departure for a North Cascades Washington Wilderness Hike

I am probably near the Mississippi River, cruising at 39,000 feet. I am always amazed at how quickly the pollution disappears. I can see for many miles. Much more than up and down the eastern coast. The pilot just said that we did indeed just fly over the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tennessee. Flying first class is great. They really pamper you with food.
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My Hike Into the North Cascades Wilderness Begins

I will use local time now. Yesterday I was shocked by low 50 degree weather when I landed in Seattle. For some reason I was a little down. I don't know if I was homesick or maybe I was upset because the car cost more than I expected. It was also very cloudy which did not help. As I got farther into the mountains the clouds began to disappear and my spirits picked up.
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Relaxing Afternoon in a North Cascades Alpine Meadow

I'm at the head of North Fork. Barometer 27.5, 71 degrees. It doesn't get any better than this. I'm sitting in an alpine meadow with a slight breeze blowing off the snow. There are waterfalls cascading off the mountains in front of me. The sky is a deep blue and the air is clear.
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Sad Tragedy on a Blue Sky Day

I just woke up. I'm sleeping late today. I put my walking clothes in the sleeping bag with me to warm them up. Wearing one set of clothes during the day and another at night is working well. I did not hear any animals last night. They must have visited the two men north of me at Grizzly Creek. I'll be breaking camp today and walking deeper into the valley down Bridge Creek.
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Day Trip to Cascade Corrals and Stehekin for Some Comfort Food

I put on clean clothes and went down the valley today. I slept until about 8:00AM. I've been getting 8-9 hours sleep per night. I'm asleep before sundown which is about 9:00PM and I'm up by 6:00AM. Right now I'm sitting beside the Stehekin River soaking my feet and enjoying a beautiful summer day. A slight cool breeze is blowing.
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Beautiful Cascade Pass

Started on my 5th roll of film coming up to Cascade Pass. This place is breath taking. It's the most beautiful place I've see this trip. I'm glad now that I did not come in this way. I saved the best for last. The wind is blowing clouds through the pass over my head. The alpine flowers are in bloom. I can see snow, glaciers and mountain peaks. I saw some climbers crossing a snow slo
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A Very Long Hike out of the Wilderness

I'm in a motel at Pateras, WA. I decided to come on out. I made very good time. 13 miles in 6.5 hours with a full pack. I didn't get started until 11:00 this morning. The shuttle was late and a slow woman was driving it. I ate my baked beans before I left the woods.
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Drifting and Taking the Road Less Traveled

I'm in Seattle, WA near the airport. The last two days I've just drifted with the wind. Not going anywhere in particular, just enjoying driving in this beautiful country. Last night I stayed in Harold's motel in Ellensburg, WA.

A Near Crash to Finish the Trip

I came within milliseconds and inches of a bad accident this morning. It was raining slightly in Seattle at 6:00AM. A car in front of me locked his brakes when someone stopped quickly in front of him. I hit the brakes and my car started skidding. I quickly realized I was going to hit the car very hard. It was strange how quickly I realized what was going to happen. I knew I was going to be in a ba

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