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Departure for a North West USA Road Trip

I'm cruising at 41,000 feet above Evansville, Indiana in Delta's new Boeing 767 jet. The sky is just now clearing enough to see the ground clearly. We never fly this high going to Toronto. Had trouble at RDU. We swung out onto the runway in a Tri-Star 1011 and I waited for the pilot to open it up. But he only went to about 1/2 throttle. Half way down the runway he aborted the takeoff and

Jet Lag After a Cross Country Flight

I have a great touring car. Cruise control, AF/FM stereo, sun roof, etc. After some initial trouble with the key and windshield wipers I'm doing fine. Camped at the Newhalem Creek Campground. I'll write more later.
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Amazing Little Isolated Community of Stehekin on Lake Chelan, Washington

Cruising back down Lake Chelan on the Lady of the Lake, a 350 passenger boat. . I covered a lot of ground yesterday. The North Cascades were great. I nearly stuck the car in a snow drift. Washington Pass was a good stop. The terrain can change so quick here. An hour later I was in dry barren sage brush country. Spent 4-5 hours at Grand Coulee Dam. Gave Mom a call from Chelan at 8:00PM (11:00PM her
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Snow in July at Crater Lake, Oregon

I am camped at Jackson Hot Springs near Ashland, Oregon on I-85 a few miles from California. Called Susie a few moments ago. I've traveled 500 miles today. Last night I camped at Mineral Springs in Wenatchee National Forest. I ate a burger for supper at a restaurant across from the campground. The campground sucked. Only a few sites and only portable toilets.
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Redwood National Forest and Conversations with a California Hippie Late Into the Night

Camping at Six River National Forest (Panther Flag) just northeast of the Redwood National Forest in California. Last night I talked to a fellow named Walter who was camping next to me. He was a drifter who had lived on the streets of Seattle and Portland. I asked him why he drifted? He said he was looking for something and maybe he had found it in his song writing and singing.
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The Trip is Almost Over

Sitting at the old Cascade Locks in the city of the same name in Oregon. Thursday night I decided to go back to the coast, take in some more of the Redwoods and drive up the Oregon coastline. I'm glad I did. I took a 1/2 hour hike through a part of the Redwood Forest at about 9:00AM. It was great.
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Mount Saint Helens

I had been told by a fellow at work that I could not get near the volcano, but I discovered that I could drive to within two miles of the volcano. However it was a 2 1/2 hour drive. I decided to go for it instead of camping early on Mt. Rainier. I'm glad I did. My pictures alone can't describe the destruction so evident even after four years. It was eerie. Something I won't soon for

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