Seeking Adventure on Another Road Trip

Jun 17, 20120
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I assume someplace in New York

So it is summer and school is out. Time for another 3 week road trip. This year we are taking a northern route. The Oregon Trail along the North Platte River, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Other than that we don't have a plan yet except to seek an adventure around the next curve or over the next ridge. We are thinking of going to the Pacific coast, maybe Oregon or Washington. There are some places there I would like to show Tucker and Laurie.

There will only be three of us this year as the responsibilities of adult life and college prevent Bradley from going. We are going to miss him but I always knew this day would come.

Laurie had an Aunt Jeanne who was apparently quite a character and lived a full life until her passing. We were recently going through some of her old photos and came across a photo album from the 1930's. Cousin Judy from Nevada, who is Aunt Jeanne's daughter, said the photos were of friends of her parents.

These people took a road trip in every sense of the word. We travel in comfort with everything we have at home; a bed, hot and cold running water, fridge, air conditioning, furnace, HD TV, generator, etc. Even when we camp in a Walmart parking lot, just trying to get someplace in a hurry, we still have all these luxuries with us.

Check out the photos below. This was the height of the Great Depression. Notice the license plate says 1934. These people lived in New York. There are photos from Yosemite in California, and Texas. Google Maps says the trip today would be 2800 miles on I-80 if you go the shortest route. These people did not. They went south through Texas. There were no interstates, no fast food places, no air conditioning in motels or in the car and no Walmarts. I can not imagine the adventures they encountered. I am sure there were many. I wonder how long the trip took and how many tires they replaced. Notice there are two spares hanging off the back.

I know nothing about these people or the lives they lived but I think I would have liked them. They seem like my kind of people. It had to have been a trip of a lifetime and I think I know just how they felt. They were looking for that adventure just around the next curve.... just like us.

I assume someplace in New York
Someplace in Texas, 1934
Yosemite Park, CA. 1934
Yosemite Park, CA. 1934

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