Introduction to Genealogy

Like many people I got hooked on Genealogy and have obtained quite a bit of information about my ancestors. I have many genealogy photos of people in the Morgan County, Ky area. The photos are also indexed by Name when I know the identity. If you can indentify any of the unknowns, please contact me.

In Documets can be found a store ledger from 1940-1941, the complete Floyd County, Ky Marriage Book 1, church minutes, various wills, deeds, family bible pages, marriage records and personal letters. They are also indexed by Name where possible.

When I photograph a headstone in a cemetery, I usually photograph the entire cemetery. I have cemetery photos from many eastern Morgan County cemeteries and surrounding areas.

The Cemetery Text Data link contains all the headstone names and dates sorted in various ways. Master Index is something I am playing with that combines photos of people, documents and the cemetery data in one large index, sorted by first name. Let me know if you find it useful.

Edward, Daniel Williams is a summary I did in 2005 of my research on Edward Williams, Jemimah Williams, Daniel Williams and Violet Williams. These are my ancestors who were among the early settlers of Ky, arriving around 1779.

Other information on the web related to my ancestry:
Castle, Daniel, Preston and Related Families
Williams of eastern Ky
Morgan Co., Ky Hills <-- no longer active but has some good archive data
New Morgan Co., Ky Hills
Massive list of Genealogy links by State/County or Surname

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